Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

Comic-Con is a cursed event for me. Every time it’s on, I either have other plans, or medical stuff going on, or can’t afford it… so when I realised this time I can actually go, I was pretty stoked.

Despite a bad pain-day (aggravated by the insane process of getting in the doors, see continuation below pics), I managed to walk around for an hour or 2 and get a bunch of photos of the absolutely incredible cosplayers. I didn’t manage any of the talks/etc, but it was still great to see it all.

One thing that stood out is how popular “mashup” cosplays are. I have no idea if there’s a proper term for them, but things like the mario/soldier one below, or the storm trooper in Adidas gear. I really dig this style of cosplay.

Another thing that stood out about Comic-Con in general, is how horribly it was organised. I spent a few years in event management, and a few in A/V setups for big concerts and shows (Comic-Con sized, and bigger), so I feel like I’ve got a decent perspective on events. For an event the size of Comic-Con, a simple thing like organising the queues and entry should not end up so disastrous. Staff had no idea what they were doing, queues were absolute chaos and wove all over the place, in such a random fashion that people just gave up and bumrushed the gates, causing even more mess. Families with kids and prams were being shoved out of the way, people up front were letting in literally dozens of friends (1 girl let in 2 massive groups of 20+ people each, right in front of staff, and no one did a thing), meaning those of us trying to be polite/proper and queue up the back just didn’t move forward at all. It was a really sour start to the day, and considering how much it hurts me to stand, it almost ruined the experience for me.

Once you got to the gates, it was more disorganisation and clueless staff. Volunteers (I think?) were just sticking wrist bands on random people, ignoring the queue and happily serving people off to the sides who had pushed in. They put bands on 2 of us, then just turned around and walked off leaving the rest of our group (and the 100+ person queue behind us) scratching our heads and wondering what to do. I had to actively call out to staff standing off to the side playing on their phones to actually come attend our queue, which they did (very unhappily).

I’m not sure if it’s just the Melbourne one, or if Comic-Con is always this badly run, but I won’t go to the Melbourne one again and instead will probably try Sydney next year.

Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed the stalls, displays and cosplays, and it’s got me extra hyped up for Pax this year too!


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