Spirit of Australia II Test Day

My brother-from-another-mother called me and said to get myself out to Tumut (in country NSW, 550km from me) because Warby Motorsport were testing their new jet boat ahead of a world record attempt later this year.

This monster is basically a fibreglass hull with a Rolls Royce Orpheus 803 Ex Italian Air Force engine from a Fiat Gina G-91 fighter jet, with a seat stuck to the front. Rudder is manually operated via a steering wheel and cables, and there’s no trim controls or any fancy technology… just fire it up, aim it towards open water, and hold-the-fuck-on. I’m simplifying of course… the skill and brass balls required to operate this floating fighter jet is purely awe inspiring, but this is the son of the man who STILL has the world water speed record unbeaten since 1978, in Spirit of Australia I (and dad is still part of the team, and was there too). Talk about speed-record royalty.

It was purely a test day, so no full-throttle runs or anything, but just listening to it spool up and do some runs up and down the dam was still absolutely mind blowing.

Below are a few photos, then a little video I put together just for the sounds:




More info on their website.


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