Limping Around St Kilda

For today’s walk/limp we did a lap along Fitzroy St and St Kilda Beach.

We stumbled upon a lowrider bike club meet at the Prince of Wales Hotel with dozens of absolutely incredible lowrider bikes. Immaculate chrome, gold, twisted metal, glitter paint, rust, and funky fabrics in every direction.

I’ve wanted to build one of these bikes for so long, but my messed up leg doesn’t let me ride bicycles easily anymore (I putt along on my mountain bike but it hurts a fair bit). Hopefully these guys are local so I can live vicariously through them whenever I come across their meetups.


After that we headed down the beach for a play in the playground (despite living next to 5km of beaches, our eldest only likes to play in the sandpit).


After many many walks up and down the beach and around our area, I’ve never actually noticed what these little plaques are… and i’m pissed at myself for not checking sooner. St Kilda has a to-scale replica of our Solar System spread along the beach sidewalk, including the Sun and all the planets, with a plinth and plaque explaining each one. So cool! I’m going to go back and photograph the entire series one day soon, but it wasn’t very interesting for a 3 year old so I just snapped the below for now.



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