Bikes I’ve Owned

One of the main things I miss since the cancer/leg problems, is riding. Motorbikes have always been a huge part of my life, from riding dirt bikes when we were kids, to hooning around on sport bikes in my 20s and ultimately settling on streetfighters as my favourite type of bikes. I’ve owned a fair few bikes covering most styles you can imagine, but this page is a dedication to my favourites. Those “I really shouldn’t have sold that one” bikes.

I’ll update this page more as I dig through photo archives, but here’s my Wall of Fame for the ones that got away.

Suzuki GSXR1100 aka “HA”

Too many mods to list. Bought off a guy in my bike club who built it all himself. After these photos I swapped a few bits out, did a mask-style headlight, etc. I’ll edit in those photos when I can find them (or check the background in the Hayabusa photos further down). This was a true neck-turning adrenalin-pumping fighter.

Suzuki GSXR7/11 aka “FAIL”

GSXR750 with an 1100 motor transplanted into it. Proper old school “zipties and leccy tape” fighter. This thing was angry, scary, and outright dangerous. Before every ride you’d kiss your wife goodbye and wipe your browser history.

Honda VTR1000 aka “FAIL”

My first “fighter” although not strictly a fighter.. more of a bin-parts bike I put together out of whatever I could scrounge up after the fairings fell to pieces. Harley Davidson V-Rod headlight, speedo off an RGV250, gutted pipes, and lots of zip ties. It set car alarms off when you rode by, and spat so many flames I should be called Father of Dragons.

Suzuki Hayabusa aka “SLO”

“Lol good luck going around corners!”… etc etc. Despite the reputation, I absolutely love the Hayabusa. It’s in my top 3 bikes of all time. They’re cheap, rock solid reliable, have more performance than any sane person ever needs, and I actually really like the unique looks of them. There’s nothing like the feeling of having that much acceleration at your disposal on long sweepy coastal roads. The only feeling I can compare it to, is being in a passenger plane when it accelerates up the runway. It’s not the violent “shove into your seat” of a drag/track bike/car, it’s more of a “whoooooosh ohshitimdoingdoublethespeedlimit” type thing. It’s addictive. And yes, they turn just fine.





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