PAX AUS (Day 1)

Due to my limited ability to walk/stand for very long, I got the 3 day pass for PAX and am just going in for an hour or 2 each day and try cover it all that way.

Today I mostly just walked around the main Expo hall, tomorrow will be table top gaming and Pax Rising (indie games), and Sunday i’ll see what’s left.

I’ve never been to a PAX so it was pretty exciting. Unlike Comic-Con the organisation and general experience was incredibly smooth, professional, and fun. The staff/volunteers were all super friendly and helpful, queues moved fast and were organised well, and it was easy to get in/out to have breaks.

The effort/money companies pour into their displays is insane. Full semi trailers converted into gaming setups, multi-story displays towering over you, massive intricate demo setups like real cars wired up for car games, and custom PC builds on display worth more than my car. Very cool.

Day 1 of PAX AUS in Melbourne


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