PAX AUS (Day 2)

Continuation from Day 1 at PAX. Today was mostly about playing games, painting figurines, and playing more games. I spent most my time at Pax Rising which is the up-and-coming indie/small-dev-team games, which included a decent amount of local Melbourne developers. Had some great chats with devs and played some of the most beautiful/fun games I’ve played in a while. I’m constantly surprised that even after the world has created (tens of?) thousands of games, there’s still unique concepts being developed that no one has done before.

I also had my first go at painting figurines. This was mostly so I could just sit down for a while and rest my leg, but I ended up getting really into it! The photo below of the painted figurine is my first ever attempt, and I’m pretty damn proud of it. So proud of it, that I bought a starter paint kit and a few figurines. I figure it’s a good hobby for someone like me stuck on the couch heaps, especially once my 3D printer arrives so I can design, create, then paint my own characters.

Yesterday and today ruined my leg (as expected), so I’m going to skip tomorrow and just rest. That makes this the last of the photos for PAX this year. I had a blast, and hopefully next year I can go again. Consider me sold PAX… I’ve found my home!

Day 2 of PAX AUS in Melbourne


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