Limping Around St Kilda

Yesterday wifey-dearest went to PAX, and I had a day with the girls. There’s a lot going on around St Kilda lately as summer rolls in, so we went to check out a few of the festivals and happenings.

We started off down at the St Kilda Primary Fete, which is basically your traditional old school Aussie public school fete, but levelled up. Lots of cute things like an entertainment arcade made entirely by the school kids out of cardboard (pinball machines, ball rolling games, etc all made from old boxes) where you could win “tokens” (bottle caps) and spend them in a used clothes/toys stall nearby. Great idea. Layla found this game where you use a little icypole-stick catapult to fling pingpong balls towards targets, and she actually did quite well and won enough tokens to buy herself a book and a toy. She was stoked. They also had various showground rides, games, and market stalls. All up, a great fete, and we would’ve happily spent half the day there except daddy forgot Lunas milk bottle. Layla made it very clear I messed up, with lots of “Silly daddy, now Luna is hungry!”.


We stopped by the Spooktober Halloween Festival on the way, but it was a bit scary for the girls so we grabbed a pizza from a food truck and headed home. After we grabbed Luna’s bottle, we walked down Fitzroy St so we could check out the cool cars that do laps down there on weekends (Layla loves loud/modified cars, no doubt from growing up around my Stagea etc), then for a stroll through Halloween-mode Luna Park. Due to how ruined I was from my PAX explorations, we were just passing through for a look, so we had a quick go at the clown game which Layla is obsessed with, and went home for a nap and some one-on-one time with Mario.


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