Mario, meet Layla. Layla, meet Mario.

As a lifetime avid gamer, I’ve been building up to the moment where my daughter can play “proper” games. She’s been playing simple educational iPad stuff since she was around 1 or so, but yesterday was her first ever go at a console game.

Modern kids pick up technology like they do walking, talking, or timing their poos to those few seconds a day where they don’t have a nappy on because you’re mid changing it. By 1 she could play basic iPad games from ABCKids. By 2 she was unlocking the iPad, opening the Notes app, and typing in random smilies (and with our help opening the right recipient, sending smilies to family/friends over Telegram). By 3 she’s loading up her favourite shows on Netflix, operating the TV, iPad, and our phones with ease, etc. It’s absolutely crazy. It’s not that she’s specifically smart herself, all her friends at kindy are like this too. It just comes naturally to this generation.

Still, the coordination of using directional controls and jump/etc buttons at the same time is a skill that needs time, and yesterday she did it. I showed her the basic controls on my Mini SNES (left, right, jump.. all that’s really relevant in this case).. and after a few random walks off cliffs or into enemies, it just suddenly “clicked” in her head I guess, because within minutes she was walking along 1-1 on Super Mario World, jumping on turtles (missing lots, but still conciously aiming for them), and headbutting Question Blocks for coins. Legitimately fascinating to watch her figure it all out.

Exciting times 🙂


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