Wtf is a Rnadmo?

Rnadmo is the personal blog of me, Callan. This blog is mostly a place for me to write up stuff for myself, my family and friends, and any random people who stumble here and feel like reading. I don’t write for any specific audience, but rather just write what’s on my mind as a method of dealing with day to day life and a hyperactive brain.

I’m a father of a 3 year old girl and a newborn girl, and husband to the most inspirational woman I’ve ever met, who has kept me afloat in life for a decade now and puts up with so much of my shit I’m surprised she doesn’t just wrap me in nappies.

I’m 7 years into a battle with cancer, that has left me physically disabled, and I live in a metric shit-ton of pain on a daily basis. I have trouble walking, sitting, or standing. Yes… it’s as annoying as it sounds. I spend 80% of each day prone on the couch, bed, or floor, bored shitless and doped up on meds I hate taking. My girls keep me motivated to stay above ground.

My primary obsessions and what I’ll mostly be writing about here are…

  • Cars and bikes (and anything with a motor). I currently own a 97 Nissan Stagea RSFour (double unicorn power!) imported from Japan, with a mildly modified RB25DET. FMIC, coilovers, replica Nismo kit, all the usual bolt-ons etc. I’ll do a full write-up on it soon, then keep a build log running here too. I’ve owned everything from old school V8s and classics to lowriders, minitrucks, a couple of brand new family cars (VW Passat TSI, Subaru XV), streetfightered gixxers, a Hayabusa, and a couple dozen random pieces of shit throughout my 40+ car/bike history. We’ll pretend I never owned that Prius.
  • Photography. Money limitations currently has me down to a Nikon D750 with just a 35mm f/1.8 (which is hilarious mismatched to my full-frame body, hence the vignetting you’ll notice lots which I try remove, but sometimes is hard). Lots of the photos here are also taken with my Samsung S7 Edge or various other devices. I used to own a huge selection of lenses for the D750 so some older photos I post are done with a variety of awesome glass I can no longer afford.
  • Tinkering/making stuff. I love hacking away at electronics, and have done so since I was a kid. I’m not formally trained, and have no idea what I’m doing… but I figure stuff out. Currently working on various RasPi/Arduino projects which I’ll blog about as I work on them. A toddler-friendly media-player for our girls, some basic home automation appliances, stuff like that.
  • Exploring Melbourne. I’ve lived every-bloody-where. Seriously. 40+ (maybe 50+, gotta re-count) houses across 3 countries and nearly every state in Australia. From inner city terraces in Sydney, to the Blue Mountains, farms in Tasmania, a village in the Swiss Alps, apartments in Amsterdam, random parks and beaches when I couldn’t afford a roof, and now a St Kilda highrise apartment in Melbourne (where I haven’t lived yet until now… hence the exploring!)

… I think that should do it. Any questions or if you want to chat (see the bed-bound bit… so bored!) contact me.